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Head Driver 

BBG dB-Soft MZ-08SOFT ( for MZ-700 on tape )

Head Driver  screen shot

This game is loaded like the delivered BASIC ( C: Cassette Tape ). However, the computer before has to be set to the MZ-700 mode ( see page 73 of the operation manual ). The sense of this game is to drive over the hole grid-net displayed on the screen. At points, where you've already been, the grid-net becomes a light colour; if you have completely driven around a square this is graphically shown by a red bonus-point. Pease be also aware of the faces looking like thunder which will ruthlessly follow you.

You are controlling your game-figures by the 4 cursor-keys. By the SPACE-key for a short time the track system behind you is destroyed, so that the faces which are close behind you have to stop their pursuit fo a short time.

The original tape volume

The original box

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Type Language
Head Driver
( 9 kb )
OBJ English

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last updated October 15, 2002