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Screen Shot File Name Size In Bytes Description 8155 Routines In Assembler To Work With Dirs And Files 4799 Small Batch File Utilities (Inc ASM Source) 24205 Bitmap Manipulation Routines (Assembler) 12489 An Overview On Using Debug 154264 Sample Games Programs Written in C 33686 Graphics Development Tools 80677 Sample Icons For Use In Programs 2182 Int 60 Specification 4268 Interrupt 60 Specification 4745 Interrupt 61 Specification 8086 Details About Programming And Connecting A Joystick 4948 Power Basic Portfolio Library 3231 Turbo Pascal 6.0 Unit For Graphics Functions 13696 Portfolio Graphics Library Version 1.0 5403 Turbo Pascal Graphics Routines 4194 Sample Graphics Routines Written In C 5598 Portfolio Monitor And Debugger Tools 28002 Turbo Pascal 7.0 Unit For Fast Graphics 164939 Complete Listing Of BIOS V1.052 ROM 87729 Symbolic Debugger 17791 Various Games In Turbo Pascal 5 7651 Turbo Pascal 5.5 Portfolio Unit